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How to get to Raven Rock

Since writing a blog post about Raven Rock last April, I’ve received several requests from courageous explorers wishing to visit the “dark glen at Raven Rock” to post detailed hiking directions.

So here it goes.

Firstly, the State’s website for Rockefeller State Park Preserve has a great trail map which includes the area around Raven Rock. The PDF of the trail map can be found here.

Raven Rock is on the far eastern side of the Park, near the Saw Mill River Parkway. The relevant area of the map looks like this:

The easiest way to reach Raven Rock is to park along Bedford Road across from the entrance to Stone Barns. There is a cattle gate on the east side of Bedford Road here, and a carriage trail that leads east across a cow pasture and into the woods. This the trail you want to take.

Walk east and then north east for about 2,000 feet until you reach a 4-way intersection. Turn right and walk south for about 400 feet, until you reach a three-way intersection. Now turn to the left and walk east again for only about 200-300 feet.

You’ll now have reached the eastern most trail on the map above, which is marked “Laurance’s Ridge” (named for  Laurance S. Rockefeller). From here you’ll turn right and walk south along Laurance’s Ridge for 1300 feet. When you come to another 3-way intersection stay to the left and continue walking south.

After walking south for roughly 4700 feet on this trail you’ll come to the Raven Rock Trail intersection. Raven Rock Trail will be on your left. You’ll notice the trail makes a sharp u-turn and leads north as it descends the steep hillside. Follow this trail north until it dead-ends at Raven Rock after 2,100 feet.

The total distance to Raven Rock from the gate at Bedford Road is 1.8 miles (and another 1.8 miles to walk back).

The route I’ve described above is marked in red on the map below:

UPDATE – 1/11/2012:  The Friends of the Rockefeller State Park Preserve has a great new trail map, which can be found here:

Have fun out there everyone, and if you do make the hike to Raven Rock, I’d love to see any photos you’re willing to share.


5 comments on “How to get to Raven Rock

  1. Mike
    January 6, 2012

    Thanks for posting directions. I can’t wait to go out there and check it out myself. I’ll send my pics along when I do.

    • Lucas Buresch
      January 6, 2012

      Great, I look forward to seeing your photos. Thanks for reading Archive Sleuth.

  2. Mike
    January 17, 2012

    I made the trip yesterday. I’ll email you some of the pictures I took. That was a fun hike.

  3. Joe
    April 29, 2013

    Lucas, Excellent directions. My daughter Samantha and I hiked there yesterday. Be warned – There were a couple of trees down on the last stretches of the trail which required some fairly strenuous bushwacking to get around since the terrain is very steep on either side of the trail. But it kind of just added to the adventure for us.

    By the time we got there, It was getting late in the day. It was kind of spooky and pretty cool. The rock is really impressive in size. As I was taking pictures, Sam screamed. I huge black bird flew by her head and perched in a tree staring at us. It then flew around above us and was joined by another huge black bird. Are these the Ravens of Raven Rock?! Overall, a fun trip.

    Great job on this and the other stories on your blog.

  4. griffinmcgee3
    January 1, 2019

    This is great! I’ve been stalking Washington Irving-related sites for years and had done some searching 15 years ago to find Raven’s Rock. I’ll be digging our my old notes to see how close I came!
    Hope you’re still doing similar sleuthing.

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