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The Field Camera

This is my second post! And it’s time to introduce you, reader, to one of my passions; Photography. But not just point-and-click photography….Five years ago I bought a 4×5 Field Camera and I’ve been using it exclusively since then. There’s no LCD, no flash, no autofocus, no nothing. It’s purely a box with a lens. Using the camera is a slow, hands-on process, literally. I shoot individual sheets of black & white film (no rolls of film) which I develop by hand in my kitchen sink.

Future archive sleuth stories will often feature photos made with this camera, as well as posts that highlight photos for their own sake. So here’s a sampling from some work I did last summer.

(Color photos are courtesy of my good friend Julia Yang.)

5 comments on “The Field Camera

  1. Cindy Sauer
    April 7, 2011

    Breathtaking shots Lucas — you’re the next John Gass! 🙂

    April 8, 2011

    I would love to take a walk down that long road in the trees…where does it go?

    • lucasburesch
      April 8, 2011

      The path in the third photo leads down hill to the big tree in the second photo. Then, the trail in the second photo leads back to the woods, and to the tree in the first photo. Each of the first three photos was taken within about 1/2 mile from each other. The last two photos (the view of the river) are taken at the same spot.

  3. Julia Yang
    April 14, 2011

    This is my very first comment on the Internet.

    In the quick second I looked at your images while at work I thought; there is the Lucas I know! Beautiful photographs. They speak to me of how nature exits with us and reminds me of the authentic truth in photography.

    (On a side note: It’s like in a world of easy artificial flavoring…. I’ve found fresh picked raspberries and blueberries to feed my soul. It might take a bit more effort but it’s worth it. So much more satisfying.)

    1. My favorite. =D many might look at it and see a tree that is not “centered”. I see a balance with the tree to the right and the ground rounding it all out in perfect harmony with the leaves. I wish this was on a blanket and I could wrap myself with it in the winter. The mysterious light that hits the tree makes me feel at peace.

    2. That fence feels like it wants to contain an idea of safe space. I love how the branches can almost touch the other life on both ends.

    3. Thanks for the back-story on the path. It’s good to know. Before I knew where the walkway leads to, I saw something unknown and a bit hidden. It made me want to know more about what would happen if I just walked out into nature to the right without following a designated path. I would be standing in that area.

    4. The stone seems to be the distant cousin of the stone in the first image…but it’s free! It’s in the light. The tree and the shade are so close. They seem to be closing in…but from the look of the last photograph, it seems to be miles away.

    5. The land is grand. But also something within that can be just as striking because of its proximity and relationship with the rest of the image. The depth in this one is a success!

    keep shooting!

  4. lucasburesch
    April 14, 2011

    Thanks Julia,
    I really like your comments. Especially the way you relate the design elements (trees, rocks, paths, fences) to each other. And I think you’re right about me trying to be suggestive of things out side of the frame of the image. I’ve been trying to shoot images that are very plain spoken and specific, yet suggestive of a larger world. After looking at these 5 images again and again…. I notice that I’ve been trying to relate specific objects in the foreground, to wider expanses of land and sky in the background.

    And I love that you said “The land is grand”. That’s how I feel exactly.

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